About Us

Poverty Alleviation and Social Uplift Program (PASUP) is an emerging not for profit, non-governmental and non-political national organization. PASUP is based in Pakistan and believes on dynamism and acts as a implementing and support organization to the institutions in Pakistan for environment and social uplift of people of Pakistan.


PASUP is working since 1996, the group started as NGO Network Welfare Association, since then, PASUP has emerged as a group serving the community for various social development and relief activities, democratic governance while taking part in development initiatives, community empowerment, training and advocacy and community organization. The organization believes and has worked in partnership with community and other civil society organizations and Government institutions for social development.

PASUP aims to empower civil societies to ensure their participation in sustainable development process as, from planning to implementation, and monitoring to evaluation, for the benefit of disadvantaged and marginalized groups of communities and changing the concept and attitudes towards development by taking control of the process.

For development initiatives the organization focuses on Labor, Health, Education, Environment and women empowerment. Awareness raising among communities, organizing special clinics, forming and training of citizen community groups, setting up projects for environment, skill development and social uplift for people are various strategies used by PASUP for advancement towards its mission.

The organization and its management team, among others, have conducted many major projects either independently, as a part of other civil society organizations or in partnership with other organizations, involving local, national and international organizations and partners: