Environment program

We are committed with our environment because

  “We have only one planet to live, Don’t destroy it “

Through advocacy, research and action, All our member will give a pledge that they save the environment and plant ONE tree.

PASUP works towards empowering local communities by transforming attitudes towards conservation, while recognizing the importance of restoring the balance between development and environment. The various projects by PASUP encourage communities to preserve natural resources, built heritage, develop the skills to manage their environment and augment government capacity to facilitate local conservation efforts


Cleanliness Drive

Clean-Ups have a direct positive impact on the environment and the community, helping to reduce pollution, deters future littering increase environmental awareness, and builds pride in the community.

“A litter-free flower bed is not just a pretty sight, it is a sign of a community that cares!”

Clean up events make a difference. These actions, although small, have significant positive impacts on the environment and demonstrate the power of working together. We are conducting a Clean Up campaign to demonstrate our commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable world.